Nathnagari is currently undergoing the creation of a digital map by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA)

The digital map initiative aims to enhance navigation and accessibility within Nathnagari. 

 BDA's efforts in digital mapping will provide residents with a modern and user-friendly tool for location-based information.

 The project is set to incorporate advanced technologies to ensure accuracy and real-time updates on the digital map.

 Nathnagari's digital map is anticipated to streamline urban planning and development initiatives in the region.

Residents can expect improved services and infrastructure as a result of the digital mapping project.

The digital map will likely integrate key landmarks, amenities, and transportation routes for comprehensive coverage.

Nathnagari's residents can look forward to a more efficient and data-driven approach to city management through the digital mapping initiative.

The BDA's commitment to digital mapping reflects the city's proactive stance in embracing technological advancements for urban enhancement.

As the digital map progresses, Nathnagari envisions becoming a model city for smart urban planning and development.